Vicki and Henry Patton

In another Galaxy far far away, there was this Guy (aka Henry – earthly name) designed to go to Earth in a SOCK looking spaceship with guidelines to help the Earthlings for they need help from time to time.  He pondered for years what the great leaders were expecting of him, but just could not figure what he was created to do. One bright glazy overcast evening as he was teleporting himself to his spaceship, missed judging his landing, he found himself smashed faced on the outer side of his SOCK looking spaceship He claims, “It SOCKED IT TO ME”, what he needed to do. You see in his Galaxy (SOCK IT SOCK IT) Beings teleport themselves from place to place instead of walking, no need for socks and shoes for they did no walking. The Guy realized that the Earthlings need clean new socks to keep their feet safely, healthy, and wealthy so that they could keep trucking forward. Guy started passing out clean new SOCK’S to those that needs help from time to time, with the help of other visionaries, he has been able to hand out 800 (so far) pairs of SOCKS’. Upon reporting his discovery to SOCK IT SOCK IT Great Leaders; They felt he discovered his mission! They rechristened GUY with the title SOCK IT TO ME! GUY.